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Support the development

Register your copy of Guitar and Bass for only 5$ and support the developer of the software. You will receive the registered version that show no ads.

Not only that... Promote your stuff !

Are you a teacher, a musician, a blog writer ? A link to your page/music will be displayed on the "friends" page here. The only requirement is that the link you provide us is related to music (and is legal).

All that as a thank for helping us !!

    More info about your link:

    You can provide your link by email to, or use the comments box of the order page (not available when using trial pay). It must be a text AD. Providing a link is optional, if you wish to register and not be listed, there's no problem.

How to register

    You can purchase your license directly from us for 5 USD. You'll be taken to our merchant's website, BMT Micro, who handles the orders for us. After you finish your order, you will recieve the registered version of Guitar and Bass.
    You can pay using Credit cards, Paypal, and more.

    Click here to register

Get it Free mode

    You can also register using Trial Pay as payment, this is how it works:

    By getting one of the offers from known brands such as GAP, Netflix, and more, we'll send you the registered copy of Guitar and bass.
    Click the Get it free button to register using TrialPay

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